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For many years our experienced, professional sports consulting & management agency has offered soccer players and clubs individual services, such as player transfer and support. We work with pro athletes at the highest level.

Soccer players

Originally stemming from a background in player transfers, we quickly recognized that the hard work actually starts after the transfer, not before. Finding a new apartment, moving, taking the car off the road and back on again, battling with red tape, finding a new equipment supplier, sponsors, dealing with the media, and then of course there’s PR work to be done! The list goes on and on, but for our clients that doesn’t matter. We take care of all tasks and to-dos off the field with our big array of services and support from our professional partner network.


Like all of us, soccer players are influenced by a lot of external factors, some desired, others not so much. In the end, what matters is that the player delivers the best performance he or she can, when on the field. Upon your club’s assignment, we supervise and care for your players in their daily life, so they can focus on what matters. We see ourselves as professional problem solvers, available upon soccer club’s request. We work quietly and discreetly in the background, invisible to the eye of the public.


Sponsoring a soccer player is a great way to infuse emotion and passion into your brand. But which player best fits your brand? After all, you wouldn’t want your star to shine so bright that your own brand ends up being overshadowed. We help you make the right choice and make a flourishing partnership a reality. We’ll take over the professional support the player needs, in order to play his part perfectly.


As part of the just-Y brand our agency has worked together with soccer players, companies and clubs since 2007. We offer both our own and external services, thanks to our big and trustworthy partner network. In doing so we always define clear goals and targets with our clients, which we relentlessly strive to achieve to their fullest satisfaction. In today’s world of extreme, sometimes even brutal media transparency, we focus on discretion and tactfulness. We don’t appear in the spotlight and work for our clients silently and efficiently in the background.

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